Annual Golf Tournament
July 22-24, 2022

Welcome to the Player / Sponsor Page for the NC Beautiful Classic 

This is one of the few multi-day non-profit tournaments around and is unique in so many ways.  Whether you are a team of scratch golfers, or a team of duffers, or somewhere in between, we have you covered.

We have multiple formats of play so that you may choose which is the best format to maximize your enjoyment of the event.  We have a CLEAN DIVISION and a GREEN DIVISION.

CLEAN DIVISION – This requires certified handicaps, so be sure to include your Club Name and / or GHIN so that I verify those handicaps prior to the event.  In the CLEAN DIVISION, all players will play their own ball the entire weekend.  Two low-net scores are used each hole.

GREEN DIVISION – Certified handicaps work here as well, and there is also an “honor system” of submitting your own handicap if you don’t have a certified handicap.  We’ll even take a few sample score cards if you email them to the golf chair and we’ll determine one for you.  Play will be via TEAM HANDICAP, so it all evens out well.  In the Green Division we will have a modified scramble one day, and the other day each player will play their own ball the entire round.

Next, in the Green Division, we use flighting after the first round so all teams have a great chance for a victory!  We’ve done this a lot (over 35 years) and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the equity of the scoring.

Welcome to a fantastic golf event at a fantastic venue, in support of a fantastic cause!