Nancy Hunnicutt

Nancy is a native North Carolinian and has spent a lifetime serving her community and state. She has served as President of the Forestry Wives Organization and President of The Children’s Welfare League in Asheville. Nancy is an active member of the Asheville Junior League, the First Presbyterian Church, and has served on various committees within these organizations.

During 1975-1995, Nancy worked for the US Civil Service Commission – Office of Personnel Management as a Test Examiner. During this period, she administered the Department of Defense Aptitude Test to all high school seniors in Western North Carolina and gained insight into the operation and administration of all public high schools in the 25 most western counties in North Carolina. Prior to joining the US Civil Service Commission, Nancy served as a substitute teacher in various elementary schools in the Asheville City School System from 1969-1974. From 1975-2006, she served as a precinct judge at the North Asheville voting polls.

As a member of the Asheville Junior League, Nancy was a volunteer art teacher in the Asheville City Schools. This project led the Asheville City School System to hire art teachers for all elementary schools. In 1990, she served as President of the Children’s Welfare League of Asheville whose organization is committed to improving the educational opportunities and enrich the lives of children in Buncombe County.