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These competitive grants provide $5,000 to support a student’s research and training. As a part of the project, a budget is required and NC Beautiful funds can only be used to compensate for these budgeted expenses. Tuition and fees should not be included in the budget. This application process has three parts beginning with the simple check-off nomination.

In order to encourage competition and to give as many students as possible the experience of participating in a grant submission process, NC Beautiful requires that at least THREE (3) students be nominated from each university.

Graduate nominees must meet these preliminary criteria, in order to submit an abstract about research efforts underway in your program or department. The accompanying check-off sheet has more detailed questions regarding your nominee.

The Nominee should:

Part 1 – Nomination sheets will be available in October, and due by December 10, 2008.

Nominee is required to sign form and submit an abstract describing proposed research. Nominees selected from Part 1 process will be contacted by email to move to Part 2. Students will be notified if they are eligible to pass onto Phase 2 on March 3, 2009.

Part 2 – Project description, detailed budget, and transcripts will be due by March 3, 2009.

Part 3 – Interview with review panel presenting a 10-15 minute presentation followed by a Q&A session, scheduled for either April 30 or May 1.

Announcement of Scholarship awards will begin April 30, 2009.

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