NC Beautiful has been part of the state’s environmental community for over 40 years-supporting environmental awareness, education, and beautification efforts that affect the quality of life of North Carolinian’s.

Chartered in 1967, NC Beautiful was created as part of Governor Dan K. Moore’s pledge to emphasize preserving the physical beauty of North Carolina. The goal behind Governor Moore’s vision was to use the gifts North Carolina was blessed with-our natural resources, scenery, climate, and the physical variety ranging from the coast to the mountains-to provide economic and quality of life benefits for the people of our state.

In the early 70s, NC Beautiful focused on promotional and educational activities that would improve the state’s visual and physical environment. As we continued to grow, we initiated programs aimed at enhancing the state’s visual appeal, preserving natural resources, and educating children and adults on how they could impact environmental quality. Programs like the Clean Community System to fight litter, Adopt-A-Highway, Take Pride in the Carolinas, and the School Beautification Awards all helped create awareness and action. In the 90s, our focus broadened to include programs addressing environmental literacy issues such as waste management, environmental protection, and preservation of natural resources.

Today, we concentrate on hands-on programs designed to encourage and enable active involvement by our citizens. It’s this active involvement, by people who share our commitment and believe in our vision, that will help keep North Carolina beautiful.