Player Registration

Handicap Certification Instructions All players are asked to submit verifiable handicaps.
  1. The Clean Division – players must submit USGA, GHIN or GOLF-NET verifiable handicaps.
  2. The Green Division – players have two options:
  • If you do not have an established handicap, submit 3 to 5 scorecards from rounds played within the last 12 months so that our pros can “assign” a handicap.
  • If you have an established USGA, GHIN or GOLF-NET handicap, submit your card OR have your club professional complete the Handicap Certification Form below and submit.
  When sponsors or players fail to submit handicap information by the deadline posted on the main Classic page, a zero handicap is assigned. All handicaps will be verified by our golf staff. Handicap Certification Form (see instructions above for using this form) Fields marked with asterisks (*) are required.